See you later, alligator!

See you later, alligator!

This is my  first post in english, so beforehand I apologize if you find any kind of grammar or spell mistakes.

It is important to me to make this post in english because more than anything I want to say thank you! 

Some of the hardest things that we have to do as people is say good bye!, (it could be a place or to people) specially when you leave a place where you once were so happy. It is hard because when you think about it, all the things and situations that you lived there, well..they won’t repeat ever again. You can go back to that same place later in you life and all the circumstances will be different and new and of course you’ll enjoy to be back, but in a completely different way.

So what we do is to hold to those memories, and then we smile! because we realized how lucky we are of have lived and met all the amazing people in that journey.

Two weeks ago I closed a little chapter like this kind, and it is never a good bye, it is only a “see you later”. Because thanks to all the people in this last year and months I grew up as a person and that happened because I was surrounded by amazing people, which I truly believe, I found in the right moment and in the right place. (I learned a lot from all of you!)

Thank you for giving me a little space in your hearts and in your lives, be sure that wherever I go, or whatever it happens, I will always carry you with me.